Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Being A Friend

I took The Girl and her British Best Friends Forever out for some ice skating. The Girl, having only skated once, had decided early on that she would not leave the wall

However the BBFFs, having better skating skills, thought this unacceptable. They each took a hand and without concern or permission led The Girl out onto the ice, free from that which might hinder.

I sat and watched, and my mind went back to all the friends God has put in my life. Friends who told me the truth; who wouldn't let me be chained to places that would not let me grow. Women who came along side me, holding my hand, occasionally, holding me up. I thought of those who weren't satisfied to just watch, but got involved when the moment had the best of me.

Soon The Girl began to skate unassisted, wobbly and unsure, but with confidence a wall will never give.

I pray that I will be the kind of friend I have received in others. And I pray that God will continue to send my Girl true friends in life who will be brave in the places where she is not; and will not merely talk of better places where there is room to grow, but will take her hand and lead her there.


Candace said...

Beautiful, beautiful post.

Kim said...

That was my word too....beautiful!

Gretchen said... your way with words. And miss you, so. That book you led me to several years ago brought me away from the wall. Definitely trying to pay it forward. xo