Wednesday, December 28, 2011

True Confessions

Today, instead of waxing eloquent on our awesome Christmas holiday, I thought I would have a moment of confession. After all, in just four days we turn the page on a New Year...and confessing is good for the soul.

Confession 1 - 

Of all the gifts I made this year, these little owls were a great source of pride, I just LOVE them. Made of wool felt, hand embroidered and stuffed with cotton. Seriously thinking of making a pair for myself, but I know they just wouldn't be the same...

Confession 2-

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the front steps last week. But the best morning of all was Christmas Eve. It was a little chilly, enough to need a hat and a blanket. Kona came out with me and while I fed her treats I ate the BEST breakfast: homemade bread and jam, a gift from our neighbor. So good. All of it.

Confession 3- 

I may have had more than two pieces.

Confession 4 - 

I received the perfect tri-fecta of gifts this season. Gingerbread coffee, a new NC mug, and a french press. Lets just say that I have had more than my fair share of coffee in the last three days.

Confession 5 -

All the decorations are put away boxed... putting boxes back in the attic is man's work.

One box that came down from the attic this year wasn't Christmas stuff. As a matter of fact it was an unpacked moving box left from our move in 2007. Yes, five years ago. We've moved twice since then.

Obviously we weren't too worried about unpacking it. It contained BIG (seriously, the biggest I have ever seen) pine cones, and some "magic" glitter. Oh, and also, some fine glitter that I decided to keep in the 4 ounce breast-milk bottles I used back-in-the-day.  Of course re-purposing old things for new storage is nothing new... you may remember the time I used the cookie jar to house our new fish.

Confession #6 - (and the real reason I called you all here today.)

Somebody (who shall remain nameless) should have probably been on the Naughty List instead of getting all those nice coffee related gifts.

It seems, while decorating gingerbread houses and people this year, things got out of hand. In the alleged culprit's defense, there were two gingerbread people that came with the kit,  and it was unanimously decided one cookie would be The Mister, and the other would be His Wife.

The decorator of The Wife took creative license by use of Milk Duds. A girl can dream right?

She nearly blew her cover when she posted this picture online a couple weeks ago:

This was the original picture and it was quickly removed from the Internet due to inappropriate nature (and children who are easily embarrassed.)

It was quickly replaced with this one:

Thankfully, Kona the Wonderdog ate The Gingerbread Wife (Milk Duds and all) while the family was at Christmas Eve service, making all evidence null and void, and saving me her from the naughty list.

Whew! I feel better already!

Happy last Wednesday of the Year!


Mindy said...

LOVE those adorable owls!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Love the owls!! They are so pretty!
2. This looks picture perfect
3. yum.. as long as you didn't eat the dog biscuit too ;-)
4. Looks like the perfect Christmas gifts were given :-)
5. Can't wait to pack our stuff up today!
6. tears streaming down my face!! Ohh this is great!!!!!!

Jenster said...

How scandelous!

Gretchen said...

Going to be sending you a scandalous text.

Glad we don't have the only naughty dog.

Debating whether to take down all of our (funny, how before Christmas, it's decoration, and after...clutter)before the New Year. Typically, I do not, because we have guests stay for New Year's Eve, and I'm too looks festive to keep them up. BUT...The day after New Year's is a Monday. Somehow, just having that one day before the school madness sets in makes me think about tidying.

Stay tuned. ;)

Gretchen said...

Back to say...Lurve the owls, the house, the bird. Your ornaments are the bom'diggity.