Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Tall Friendly (banana eating) Monster

This post is long over-due.

Sometime back in late August the people who live in this house were having a rough day.

Well, actually, we weren't all having a bad day, just my oldest offspring and me.

It isn't easy to be fourteen, nor is it easy to be his mother. Watching teenage angst in someone you love is nearly as bad suffering from it. The only consolation of teenage angst in adulthood, is the knowledge that this whacked-out time in life doesn't last forever... it just feels like it.

The Boy and I had spent most of the early morning discussing important issues and I knew that before he set himself to schoolwork he might benefit from a moment to think about something else... anything else that might help him get his mind off his circumstances.

You might recall that I have the gift of  Thinking Random Thoughts at Inappropriate Times, such was the case in the midst of that deep and long conversation with my son. I remembered that my blogging friend Lisa of  Lisa Photography  had recently posted about her husband's new blog. I was familiar with Scott's work as he had been the creator of Lisa's blog headers, which were always amazing. I was happy to click over to see more.

Once I clicked over to Art in the Margins I knew that I had to show The Boy (who has an interest in drawing/sketching) but I forgot to tell him.

Until that wonderful, angst-y, morning.

Soon The Boy was clicking away and laughing out loud, and saying things like: You gotta see this one mom! and This one is my favorite and Have you seen this one?

I decided to comment on one of Scott's posts. I didn't relay any of the mornings dilemma, but simply told him my son enjoyed his work.

Scott did something that completely changed the course of the day: he encouraged a young man.

He sent the The Boy a few questions to answer, and based on those questions he drew up a sketch and sent it to him.

The picture above shows the sketch unframed but it is now in a frame and hanging in his room.

The Boy thinks it is an awesome personalized piece of art by a cool artist.

His mother thinks it represents a day when encouragement came just when we needed it.

The Boy and I thank you for giving us the
It is an amazing sketch and a generous gift, 
and we are so proud to have him living here!

Kellie and The Boy


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging act and love the picture of the boy with the picture!! :-)

Lisa said...


I cried when I read this. I read it a second time...and cried again. ;0) I love that Scott was able to bless your family through his artwork. He is pretty awesome.;)

Have a sweet Christmas! Hugs!