Monday, December 05, 2011

December: Random Thoughts from Kellie's Brain

At some point I am going to figure out how to incorporate blogging into my weekly schedule.

I used to write Monday- Friday in rain, sleet or snow, and take the weekends off to think about what I would write the next week. 

Now maybe I should write on weekends and take the week to decide what I will write.

Yes, I think that might be a good idea. 

Today I am blogging in an attempt to avoid the grocery store.  I am currently eating a slightly green, near blooming, baked potato. It was the only thing left in the cupboard, aside from some spices and jumbo sized marshmallows. 

I would have eaten the marshmallows if it didn't break the "no dessert for meals" rule. Especially since I  had ice cream for dinner last night. 

Speaking of last night, we attended the nicest Christmas Cantata at our church and honestly, it completely turned my Christmas Spirit around. It's not that I was Grinch-y in my thoughts or feelings, quite the contrary, I love this season and all its glitter and lights. But I do have to say I was walking through the motions of this season without a good deal of thought as to the Reason I do the things I do.
Yesterdays Sunday school class and sermon were both just fantastic, and it tied in so well with the evening Cantata. It was a wonderful day that has carried into this morning and creates a great anticipation for this time of celebration. 

I haven't written much about our new church mostly because I know it was difficult for those we love and care about when we left our old church home. But also because part of the process in this new place has been deeply personal, something I haven't yet had the words to share. 

I am still putting my thoughts together and hope to write about it in the coming weeks, but the truth is I have felt spiritually dry for quite some time and in the last months I have felt a green wick within myself begin to grow and stir. 

I know this could have happened at any time in any church, but I feel that in the Providence of God, it is in this time and place. I am learning so much about God as he works in me and in those he has placed in my life in this moment. 

For instance, this weekend... There was the first Celebration of Artists event on Saturday. I spent weeks getting ready for it. 

Honestly, I didn't actually sell much of my stuff, but I came home richer

I was encouraged to hear those in leadership building up others who are artists by divine appointment.  It was moving to hear others speak Biblical truth about beauty and those here on earth who are privileged to create it. I was blessed to hear speakers who appreciate art , not as little things that artsy people create, but those who bring glory to God through the gifts He has given. I don't think I have ever heard a Christian prospective of the artist that isn't in some aspect condescending. This weekend I realized that creativeness can be (and is!) just a mere shadow of the beauty God has created, but a reflection that is glorious when it reflects Him. 

I don't know the why's behind my long, dry spiritual drought, but I do know that I feel I am drinking large gulps of Living water, and I'm starting to perk up! More thoughts on this soon...

One more little random thought...

This year while decorating the tree I will admit I had a moment when reality hit me, and if I had thought too long I might have wept.  For years our tree has been "bottom heavy" with decorations. In the early years, when the kids were little and low swinging ornaments proved too tempting, I would move them up and out of reach.

When the kids were old enough to leave things alone, I kept the decorations right where they were. Afterall, little children come to an age when they know you've undone what they did. This became a joy each year: my ornaments weren't perfectly placed, but there would be no denying it had been decorated with a kind of love that only comes from little hands.

This year, for the very first time in my parenting career, I had to tell the kids to put more ornaments on the bottom of the tree. For the briefest of moments that truth made me sad. It all goes to quickly and I am greedy enough to want more...

However my sadness couldn't last. Not with these two around.

There was a bit of confusion as to whose turn it was to hang the Christmas Star this year. I left them to figure it out. Soon there was laughing and cackling from the living room so I thought I better investigate.

This was apparently the best option because "no one had to be inconvenienced by going to get the ladder."
All right, enough procrastination!
I better get to the store, the natives are getting hungry.

Happy Monday!


Cindy said...

Love your post Kelli! I was unable to attend the arts on Saturday as I was babysitting our youngestgranddaughter. Must admit that was fun! Know your work is beautiful though. Last night sewers at Sophie's musical at Ridgecrest, so missed our cantata. Hard decision, but once again the grandchildren won out!
I'm so grateful you and your sweet family are a part of CGS. It is a blessing to us. Hope to see you soon at small group!