Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tamales 2011

The last time I made tamales on my own is was December 13, 2005.

Six years ago. 

Of course, that wasn't the last time I made tamales. I have had a couple of Christmases at my Arizona home since then.
Christmas 2010 - at my parents house.

But never again have I made them by myself.


It's not that tamale making is exceptionally difficult.

It's not.

It's not that it takes a lot of preparation and makes a big mess.

It does.

It's that tamale making is more than the outcome.

It's about family time and tradition, about celebration and being together.

Tamale making just isn't fun when doing it alone.

When the CarPoolQueen mentioned that she was up for some tamale making, I was very excited.

Today we will skip the yarn isle, and head to CPQ's kitchen.

Anybody who has made tamales knows that there is nearly always a story that rolls through this happy event... and anybody who has read CPQ's blog, or spent some time with her knows that with her there is always an adventure, with laughter and fun... I cannot wait to see the stories this day will hold.

Happy Wednesday!


CPQ said...

We can do this.

(Well, I don't have a great track record but you have heritage on your side and I am confident that will overcome any obstacle.)

His Girl said...

As I said over at CPQs spot, I would love to be neighbors with y'all. You guys are so much fun and do such cool things I just know I would be a better person for it. Fatter, but better.

hope you had such a great time.