Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goodbye November

And like that {snap} Thanksgiving is over.

In my minds eye, I am clinging, scrambling, holding on with all my might, to the edge of this 29th day of November. Hoping that if I just hold tight enough to this day (and the next), the month won't flip over quite as easily... but it will and that's OK. I just that I do love November so.

I've spent the last several weeks enjoying my morning coffee on the front steps. It amaZes me that in  just 15 days the view went from this:

...to this:

Now I find myself going out of the way to find things to feast my eyes upon... things to remind me the season of winter will be short... but that is for another post. Perhaps tomorrow...

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Sharing the day with family and friends. It went too quickly, but I am grateful for it all the same.

The Mister had the holiday (and all this week) off from work, so we have lots of walking and hiking.

We couldn't believe that it was warm enough to be outside to be in short sleeves and without shoes.
The kids spent thirty minutes catching crawdads...

... while The Mister and I rested and talked about how quickly these kids have grown. 

Actually, I think The Mister was just grateful to be able to sit for a minute. He had spent most of the weekend putting up Christmas lights on the house. He did a fantastic job too.

The same night we put up all the lights the sky turned our little acre into a pinkish wonderland. I looked to the sky and the sunset was amazing.
Not something we see every day in the Piney Woods.

These are the reasons I'm sad to see November go.

But I'm also sad because it means I've run out of time to prepare...

This coming Saturday I volunteered to be part of a Celebration of Women Artists at our church. Which is a fancy way of saying I'm selling my stuff in a very nice craft show. I have spent the last several days sewing and hooking like C-R-A-Z-Y. The more I make, the closer I get to the big day, the more I panic a little bit... people are going to realize that I'm not an artist.

Hopefully I can cover my insecurities with crocheted flowers.

That is a small glimpse of the last week of November in the Little Yellow House in the Woods.

I hope December doesn't go so fast...


Anonymous said...

Wow the sky was beautiful in that picture! November went by much to quick! I hope December doesnt go by as quickly! I hope you do great at the craft fair!

O Mom said...

I love me some November too! Wish I was closer as I'd stop by the craft show!

Blue Skies said...

lovely! If you don't sell all your darling hats, let me know. I have two girls with heads that need to be fashionably warm. One who would prefer critters to flowers for decoration, but the other who thinks the more the better! Loved all your pictures and the picture of peace and contentment that has come so often across your blog.

whimzie said...

I say, open up the etsy shop again, friend!