Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Desert Hello

Vacation. Its been great!

I have been visiting family and friends (and their new puppy!) Eating a lot of Mexican food. And, of course, crafting.

We are staying within 5 miles of a yarn boutique, and two major craft and fabric stores. The kids and I have gone to the stores several times already.

We made paracord bracelets (with para-like cord. We had trouble finding paracord but will order some when we get home.)

We also made them in black, but they don't photograph quite as nicely!

I brought my crochet hooks and hooked up a little sweater. It still needs a ribbon that will be woven through the row where the crochet hook sits:

The best parts of shopping was running into Becca from Our Crazy Boys.

I've been reading Becca's blog for a couple years, and every time I come to town I want to meet her, but time always gets away. Imagine my surprise when I saw her in line at the craft store.

I was so excited to hug her neck that i pushed four ladies out of my way to get to her. Then, in my impetuousness I called her Stephanie. Oops! I was just so happy to get the opportunity to say hello!

I'm off to go for a walk this morning. Nothing like walking and getting a tan in October!

Happy Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

yay for fun vacation!! How fun you got to run into her!! :-)

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

It was the highlight of my week!!! I was SO excited to finally meet you!! And you can call me Stephanie anytime :)

How hard were the bracelets to make?

And seriously? You made that sweater while you were here? How long did it take you?