Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praises in an October

Its not like me to be quiet during the month of October. It is, after-all, my favorite month.

This year October is bittersweet. Sweet with celebrations and lovely moments; Bitter as I grieve relationships that are difficult. Situations that are painful. Loss that is tough.

Its just one of those times in life, when bad news seems to come in a string of storms, and I am tempted to believe that all that was sacred is now desperately at risk.

But, that is a lie I cannot afford to believe, because storms pass, and there is always the good that springs from the rain.

Yesterday I was reading in Prayers for Today: A Year-Long Journal of Contemplative Prayer, by Bjokrlund, and this prayer (written by the author) was good for my heart, my soul, and my mind:

Lord, You sometimes take away what I value most.
It is easy to praise You when You give to me what I want most.
And it is easy to blame you when I suffer.
It is hard for me to imagine that there is a good reason for suffering if i can't think of
one, Yet  You, my maker, know better about my life than I.
Should I accept the good and not the bad from Your hand? So in faith, no matter the
circumstance, I shall praise Your name.
When laughter and success are my current reality, I shall praise Your name.
And when hardship and loss are my current reality, I shall praise Your name.
When scarcity and need mark my path, I shall praise Your name.
When all seems broken, I shall praise Your name.
Lord, whatever I experience, I choose to praise Your name.
Life is messy. But I am thankful for a husband who is wise and strong. I am thankful for two kiddos who are tender-hearted and loving. I am thankful for family and friends who love lavishly, and are a blessing to me even when they are unaware.

October is my favorite month, and this year I am grateful that God has given me this time to look to Him, to remember that I am not in control.

He is. 

It is easy to believe this truth when all of life is tied up with string like so many gifts at a party.  These gifts... aren't so tidy.

However, these gifts of sorrow are opening up a new place to surrender to Him.... Oh, that I will not waste these gifts and forfeit His work in me...

Lord, where shall I find you? High and hidden is your place.
And where shall I not find you? The world is full of your glory.
I have sought your nearness, with all my heart I called to you
And in going out to meet you I found You coming to me.
-Judah Halevi, Spanish Poet (1075-1141)


Anonymous said...

I hope the string of bad news ends.. but you are right.. all things work together for good to those who love the Lord! (((HUGS)))