Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What We'll Do For Love

Young love is foolish.

Apparently, old love is too.

Eighteen years ago I had a summer romance.

At first it was a glance, then a few spoken words, and soon we were holding hands and taking walks and spending time together.

When the days began to shorten and the air began to chill we knew we were in love, but we wouldn't admit it to each other.

Yes, there were love notes and picnic/dinners in the park, but by far the craziest thing I did for love was to wake up at 4:30 am to beat him to the gym.

You see, I knew he got up early to work out. I also had a membership to the same gym (although my favorite part of the gym was the smoothie bar aerobics class.) I certainly had never seen the inside of the building at an hour the birds aren't even awake.

But I had a plan.

I would intentionally get there 10-15 minutes before him, with fixed hair (and the cutest work out clothes I could find) so he would walked in and see my dedicated-self running (all too fast) on the treadmill.

I had the whole conversation worked out in my head -

"I didn't know you worked out this early." he would say.

"Yeah, I like to get it over with. Out of the way." I'd nonchalantly reply, trying to act like my lungs weren't burning in my chest.

He would be so impressed with my dedication, my early morning stick-to-it-iveness... he would like me.

Of course, it never went the way I had imagined. He was surprised but polite, and all business and routine that early in the morning...there wasn't much time for flirting chatting.

Plus, he already liked me. What was I thinking???

Within a couple weeks I realized that my early morning trips to the gym to impress my man were better left to brighter times of day. Getting up that early was hard work! It all worked out though. We declared our love for each other that Christmas and were married 17 months later.

As it turns out that wouldn't be my last early morning trip to the gym.

My mid-morning workout has been lacking since homeschooling put a monkey in the I started to look for an early morning work out partner.

Turns out I didn't have to look far...

The Mister, also desiring to be more consistent with exercise volunteered to work out with me. So several days a week we are getting up before the roosters to enjoy some early morning time at the gym.

I'm thankful. Thankful for a man who is generous and faithful, with his time and with his heart... as well as easy on the eyes. If you're going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning, its helps to have something nice to look at...

The things you'll do for love.


Anonymous said...

This post put the biggest grin on my face!! So sweet! Ohh the things we will do for young love.. and old love for that matter!! What a sweet guy you have Kellie!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Awwww... so sweet. Thanks for sharing this.

Tracey said...

Love this!