Monday, July 18, 2011


The young people in this house aren't happy.

Well, I should say that the oldest child in this house isn't happy, but I think he's gonna live.

Late Saturday evening I was doing my yearly calendar count trying to figure out how the school-year was going to play out. I like to get 180 days of school in each year. This year we will travel to AZ in the fall for a couple weeks and have will VIP visitors in the New Year.

The good news?

With the holidays listed above and Christmas and Spring break we get to take nearly five weeks of vacation this school year, and still finish by the third week of May. 

The bad news?

School starts next week.

So there is a bit of mopey-ness going on around here.

My favorite part of starting school?

School supplies.

I am a serious office product junkie.... serious.

But who can resist a new red pen, a fun folder, or a set of post-it notes in an array of colors?

Not me, that's who.

Secretly, the switch has flipped for me - eight weeks ago I was so done with school. Now I am ready to get back at it. Ready to have some routine.

Which makes me very unpopular.

The great news? The pool will still be open through August so we can count swimming as PE class.

Silver-linings... sometimes they aren't so hard to see.

I just have to convince the kiddos.


Anonymous said...

Hi there stranger. Gee! I sure miss yacking at ya! Our girls are soooooo sad. And do you know why? Because school isn't starting for them next week. We're in Colorado and they do not have the modified year 'round program which we miss desparately! So they have another whole month of heat and boredom. It'a a bit to get adjusted to. So share that with little ones ....cause mine would absolutely love to trade places with them! Isn't that funny?

Can't believe I won't be in AZ when you go to visit. But I truly hope we keep in touch. If you ever make a trip out to Colorado....we'd love to see ya!

whimzie said...

We thought we were starting in just a couple of weeks. But the calendar was changed over the summer so we aren't starting until the end of the August. It's great on this end, but it won't be as popular a decision when we're still in school next June.

I'll bet you won't stay unpopular for too long. :)

Gretchen said...

I believe we tied for the "unpopular mom" award today for the very same reason. I looked at the calendar and said, 'Oh my! We start school a week from today.' The response was, well let's just say, not overwhelming.

Kim said...

We are right there with you! We are starting August 1st! They will love us we get finished in May! Andrew is so not happy with me now! HOWEVER....I agree-I NEED STRUCTURE! Maybe we will run into some at the pool for those PE classes......
I'm also a sucker for office supplies....and new crayons!

Jennifer M. said...

I'm totally in love with office supplies too!! That's one thing I've missed since being out of college - shopping for new school supplies. I still love browsing through the office supply stores though! So many colors or papers, pens, paper clips, etc. Fun fun!!