Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Summer of the Reptile

I had to rob Peter to pay Paul so I could post today.

My wireless keyboard wouldn't type and I desperately needed two AAA batteries. So I robbed the TV remote to pay the keyboard.

But this is not what I've come to tell you today.

I've come to talk to you about reptiles (and maybe an amphibian or two)...

The summer is a plethora of slithery animals here in the piney woods of North Carolina, and I wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't seem so intent on invading my life. Of course, some would argue that it is I that have invaded upon the space of the fork-tongued reptilians, but I say tom-ay-to/to-mah-to...who pays the mortgage on this acre in the woods?

You may have guessed that I am not a fan of things that slither and crawl.

 I have managed to produce not one, but two, offspring that think lizards and snakes are amazing creatures that must be caught.

Case in point:
Meet the Blue-Tailed skinks.

Or the brown lizards.

There was much worry about one of these lizards due to the unfortunate loss of his back leg.
The Girl was particularly concerned and wanted to keep him in a lap of lizard luxury for the loss of his lower leg.

Uh, that would be a negative.

Stumpy's stump had already healed over. He didn't need our TLC. Plus, that bowl they were keeping their tiny treasures caged in is one I really wanted back.

After the lizards we had three visitors on the same afternoon:

A turtle, bigger than a dinner plate, wandered into the street in front of our house. We live two houses down from a pond. At this time of year the turtles come out from hibernation and forget which direction the pond is supposed to be. We took this guy back to the water, and he immediately swam to safety.

We also had frogs:

I don't really mind these critters as much. Don't get me wrong I'm not going to hold them or invite them over for tea, but the kids enjoy catching them and looking at them for awhile.

What I do mind is when a four foot snake is climbing a tree...
 Did you know snakes could climb tree's?

Yeah, me neither.

They can. And they do.

I know these guys are good for the garden. But seriously, I do not like snakes that climb on trees.

I do not like snakes that help in the garden.

I do not like snakes.

Oh, it's gonna be a long summer.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

YUCK! Remind me to visit you in the winter when it's much to cold for those slithering things to be out and about. :)

Anonymous said...

okay that is seriously a lot of reptiles and amphibians! Every single one of my arm and neck hairs are standing on end after looking at those pictures!! I didn't know snakes could climb trees like that!!!

Gretchen said...

How cool that you have skinks & lizards--even a special needs lizard. Scrappy, he is! Lurve the turtle, too. Um...not gonna say anything about the snake.

Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

Eeek! Ugh, I wouldn't have been able to get that close to any of those to take the pictures (well, maybe the turtle and frogs)!

Sara said... I have to worry about snakes biting me on the foot AND falling out of a tree on my head!! You are a kinder mother than I to allow so much reptile collection.

LJ said...

I'm with you girl, I hate snakes too. The older I get the worse it becomes. My hands actually start shaking when I'm near a snake now. My kids are like yours, they think everything cold blooded is cool!

Cathy said...

There goes my Snake Escape Plan....(shivers)

But my kids would LOVE all the other creepy crawlies.:)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

We love lizards.

Hate snakes.

And skinks? Seriously - what's the point of those smily little things?

I saw a snake climb a tree last year, and it was the scariest thing ever. I look up AND down when I walk now.