Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Another Post About Bathing Suits and Chocolate

Will someone please tell me to back away from the chocolate covered almonds?

Seriously, who bought those things anyway?

I'm not talking a small-packet that makes one look dainty. Oh no! Its a big box, the kind you see at The Costco's (as they call it around here.)

It's that same two-pound box of candy I've spent years looking at telling myself we didn't "need" them.

I didn't "need" them, but I bought them anyway. Because I could.

Until yesterday the container sat virtually untouched. 

But SUDDENLY, the Chocolate Covered Almond Monster is awake in me and they're the only sustenance that will see me through. 

Anyway, I didn't call you here today to talk to you about my dietary habits, as wonderful as they are...I've called you here today for reasons that... illude me.  

Yes, I have settled in at this shiny screen and keyboard and my thoughts have dashed from the room.

I blame it on 14 years of trying to have a conversation in the presence of children. I don't believe I've had a conversation that included a complete sentence, much less an entire thought, since that first home-pregnancy test showed up positive. 

Speaking of positive (and since I've forgotten what I've come here for) let me tell you about my new bathing suit. 

Every year I fret and worry about the bathing suit dilemma. 

I know I have no earthly reason to worry. I know all the "right things" to think about myself when it comes to body contentment, but if I am honest (and you know that I do my best to be) I am THE MOST self-conscious person known to women when it comes wearing a bathing suit. (Or anything else that risks the exposure of bun's and thigh's.)

My answer to the dilemma this year was to find a suit that covered the areas that cause me the most grief (be it rational or not) and be D-O-N-E with it. 

So I did.  

Of course I delayed this task by putting off the bathing suit shopping spree for several weeks - and I mustn't fail to mention that when deciding to take on this monumental project, I found knee-jerk pluckiness and decided to take my kids with me. 

I'm telling you, bathing suits make me c-r-a-z-y, with a hefty portion of CRAZY.

While The Boy tried to keep a low profile and texted his friends of the unfairness of being trapped in the ladies department, his sister tried on every old-lady hat that sparkled and shined -and then knocked on my dressing room door every two minutes so I could "see". 

Which made for fun times. 

But with relative ease (in spite of the circumstances) I bought this top and this bottom both from Lands End on sale. 

Y'all its a lot of suit

And, in a GREAT turn of events, (are you sitting down?) I bought this bathing ensemble in the cool color of Pool Blue - stepping out of the black-on-black box I've lived in since I was 16, when the Sassy magazine (do you remember Sassy?)  told me that black will make you look skinny. A "guideline" that I hadn't quite realized had become law in my life.  

Yup. I bought that big'ole Pool Blue bathing suit and figured I'd just put it on and enjoy the pool (and the people in it!) and not worry one-bit about what I looked like. 

Can I tell you this is the best decision and purchase I've made all year? 

Not only did my already-so-vain-ego get a boost by all the sweet compliments I received, but it felt SO good to not be worried in the slightest about all that garbage that fills my head when I am running all over the pool in a suit that makes my thoughts run amuck and puts my focus on the wrong things. 

Instead of worrying about buns and thighs, I just chased kids and had fun.   

There is a first for everything. 

Now, where are those almonds?


Amy said...

I'm sure you look super cute in that suit! It's freeing to be covered up a little more.

Andrea said...

I hate swim suits but I LOVE chocolate;-) Maybe that's why I don't like swim suits, ha!

Tracey said...

My current bathing suit has more fabric than my Varsity cheerleading uniform.

And I think I'm cute when I wear it. ;)

Did someone say chocolate covered almonds??

Lindsay said...

woohoo on finding a good suit!!!

Tanya said...

I have looked at that SAME suit in the catalogs so many times! It's very cute.

And I'm so very glad I'm not the only mom who, in a temporary loss of sanity, chooses to take her children shopping with her. Oh, the horrors ... ;)

Allison@Slice of Heaven said...

What a great color and very cute suit!

I also loved the image of your son texting and your daughter in the hats! So funny.

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