Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In a cleaning frenzy I found an old spiral-bound notebook from a Spanish class in college.

Its filled with lots of verbs and spanish sentence structure and all the obvious things (as well as an unfinished love note to my then boyfriend (The Mister). But my favorite parts of looking back are the pages where I had obviously copied notes from the board. Notes that were in English.

Although I don't remember this class, nor taking these notes, its safe to assume my professor believed in the power of positive thinking.

The first is dated 1/13/94:

Recognition for Super Learning

I can do it. 
Now I am achieving my goals.
Learning is something I highly enjoy.
Learning and remembering are easy for me.
My mind moves efficiently, effectively.
I am supremely calm.

On January 20 it was test time...

Affirmations for the Test: 
I recognize the right answers at the right time.
I remember all I need to know.
I am supremely confidant.
My memory is alert my mind is powerful.

This just makes me giggle. Not because I don't believe in thinking positively. (I do!) Mostly because I know these weren't my thoughts... nor has my verbiage (then or now) been so harmonious and tranquil.

Today I am choosing to bake some highly enjoyable Mexican pastries... not just because The Boy is sick, making staying home to bake easy for me, but because I can do it, I am achieving my goals, and carbs make me supremely calm.


whimzie said...

Was Stuart Smalley your Spanish professor?


Tracey said...


Praying for your sweet boy!

Kim said...

so sorry the boy is sick. so glad he stayed home!