Monday, June 27, 2011

Change of Plans: for which I am grateful

This day was scheduled to be the start of another week on my own, but in a great turn of events I've got two kids sleeping in their own beds and a full week already planned!

I took the two-hour (one way) drive to get my Girl from camp on Saturday.

It was not an easy week for her, and although she said it wasn't entirely without its fun moments, she promptly declared she wouldn't go again.

Her favorite part of each day was Chapel - she has a notebook full of handwritten notes - she said the teacher was amazing, and she looked forward to going both morning and night. But she said her heart was very sad, because several of her cabin-mates are living very difficult lives- and their attitudes and actions (and often their words) reflect that reality.

She said she spent every day hoping that I had decided to come get her.

She came home with heaviness of heart - burdened in the way any compassionate person should feel, after-all, we live in a broken world. I just didn't expect it to come from a weekend of "fun" camp.

While she was away The Boy was doing drama camp and did amazingly well in his first dramatic play ever...and what's more, he had the best time and met some really fun kids. After hearing about The Girl's experience, he opted to stay home this week and hang out with his friends here in town... and sleep in his own bed. Chances are his experience would have been vastly different - we know his counselor would have been awesome (he's a friend of ours), and unlike The Girl he would have known a couple of the kids. But we also know that his friends here in town mean a lot to him, and often he only gets to see them in the summer. I know he will have just as good a time at home this week.

Secretly (although I am certain it isn't a secret) I'm grateful to have my kiddos home. Our family likes to be together. We always have, and I hope we always will.


Gretchen said...

We like being together, too. I hope our time together as the kids get older and have their own families is always a "get to" for them, rather than a "have to" feeling. Enjoy your birdies in the nest. Give my girl a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that she had a tough week. It does however speak a lot about her character and her heart.. what a sweet girl! Have a great week! What do you guys have planned?

Kim said...

I'm happy ya'll are together too. I was wondering what ya'll had decided. So sorry to hear about your sweet girls experience but so happy that she is so compassionate and tender hearted. I'm just busy missing my boy....but now that I know how to text....he gave me a lesson.....we are keeping in touch. So that is nice!