Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Sunday in Numbers

One... early morning walk with The Mister. in the house. excellent message on the third Person of the trinity: The Holy Spirit.

Four... burgers at the newly opened Five Guys.

Five...small things to pick up at Target : dog food, dog cookies, hand soap, cheese sticks, and Klondike bars.

Six...minutes it took before the little snoring sounds started this afternoon. (The Mister, not me.)

Seven...more days until next...sweet Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I am "liking" your blog post! Put a smile on my face. By the way, tell the Mister that Magnum ice cream bars have hit the USA...he may remember them from Brazil.

Gretchen said...

You only had 5 things on the list for Target? I bow to you. I can easily pick up 5 things w/o a list. :~).