Friday, December 10, 2010

Giving Thanks for Snowflakes and Friends

I've a new obsession.


So I've made one... or twenty.

These babies aren't cold, don't melt, and feel like a present each time you open them.

If you google 'paper snowflake pattern' you'll find all sorts of ways to make a 4, 5, or six-pointed snowflake, and you too, will have snowflake neurosis  passion.

I'm so easily side-tracked, I didn't actually come here to talk about snowflakes...

I wanted to tell you something I've been thinking about lately...

Last year The Girl joined the Girl Scouts. The first half of the year she enjoyed all the things she learned at the meetings, but had trouble connecting with the other girls. By mid-February she was ready to quit.

I was beginning to wear thin of all the prodding I was having to do on meeting days, but I was also very worried about the spring camping trip...the one I would send The Girl to alone...y'all know that I was fretful. I was thinking about letting her quit just so I wouldn't have to face my own fears about letting her go.

I'm so glad I didn't allow her (or me!) to quit.

It was on that camping trip that she met The BBFF or British Best Friend Forever (her mother doesn't know I'm writing about her, so I'll keep her somewhat anon)

The BBFF and her family are living in America for an interim, and since last March these two have come to be great friends.

When these girls are together, they are truly connected at the hip.

The amazing part is that I've had the privilege to get to know The BBFF's mum, Alison, who has been willing to spend some time with me and has patiently put up with all my inquiry: What is Cricket? Where do you shop? Why is William the Prince of Wales when he lives in London? Do you eat peanut butter? Was it hard to learn to drive on the 'right' side of the road? What is Marmite? 

What she doesn't realize is that she is teaching me far more than answering the silly questions of an American coffee drinker. My tea-times with her have been so enjoyable and helped me to see that she and I have far more in-common than not. With each visit I've been given a glimpse of God's providence.

I could have quit Girls Scouts last year, when it might have been easier... but at the loss of many wonderful things, including a new friend. Not just for the girls, but for Alison and me.

Yesterday afternoon she stopped by with a gift: homemade lemon curd...what a treat!

I can't wait to make some proper scones...

This morning my heart is full of thanks: for tea-times, new friends, and reaping the benefits of lessons learned.


Anonymous said...

What a great lesson you taught The Girl and well yourself! Glad you have two beautiful friendships to show for it :-)

Elizabeth said...

I love this! I've learned too that sometimes when you wait patiently, God will bring the perfect friend to you, in HIs time. It took Him two years after we lived here to bring me a good friend in our town, and I know we'll be friends forever.

How fun to learn about a different culture! And lemon curd-yum!

Anonymous said...

I am just loving all the thankful vibes around the blog world atm......beautiful :O)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's a good word for me this of my girls is really needing just the right friend to come along. I'm hopeful, and even more so after reading this post.

My neighbor is British. She's a HOOT! I've been hosting neighborhood coffees lately and she brings her own tea! I need to pick her brain for a lemon curd recipe.

Your snowflakes are beautiful. My girls and I made some earlier this week that were fun!!! We've had so little snow this year that we needed to create our own. :)

Sandy M. said...

What fun to have new friends (2) that are from a (slightly) different culture! I LOVE lemon curd!!

His Girl said...

BBFF! that's awesome!