Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving, Day 23 - Happy Birthday to The Mister

He's not one for lots of attention and fussing. 

He celebrates quietly. I, with a clang. But this is his day, so we'll do what he likes. 

He'll read in the morning, and work on his truck all afternoon. He'll cook meat over a fire with a pint in his hand. He'll settle in for a movie with his people, content with our quiet party of four. He's won't ask for it, but I'll make him his favorite chocolate cake, with a scoop of plain vanilla, to celebrate another given year. 

Half-way through forty, and as handsome as ever. 

Loving and strong. Faithful and true. Easy to please and growing in grace.. I am thankful for The Mister.


Blue Skies said...

Happy Birthday Mister! That sounds like my kind of celebration.