Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankgiving, Days 8-15: Grace in the Ordinary Day

How to See Grace in the Ordinary Day: 
-a note to myself

1. Wake up before the sun in gratitude to breathe another day. Ask for eyes that see.

2. Rouse the teenagers and get them started about their day. Accept your daughter's winsome fashion advice. Kiss your son's scratchy unshaved cheek. As you instruct them in the business of the day ahead, remind yourself: a gentle word turns away wrath. Tell them you love them. Tell them again.

3. Meet a girlfriend for coffee and cinnamon rolls before the frost outside has time to thaw. Sit in the restaurant, huddled over a small round table for hours. Talk until you realize the lively lunch crowd has pushed the quiet breakfasters from their computers and corner tables. Admit, with hesitation, it's probably time to go. Promise to do it again soon. Walk to your car, in your smart shiny shoes, parting ways with mirthful contentment. 

4. Drive directly to the home of another dear friend, for an impromptu meeting of the Ladies Who Lunch. Upon arrival to this homestead of open doors, warm hugs and British blue eyes, the smell will instantly make this good day better -- she's been baking. Sit down to a delicious bowl of hot soup. On the wings of a prayer, break fresh bread, the warmth and fragrance calling you to repose. Encourage one another in the Lord, eyes filled with mist, and joy. Laugh a lot, sip tea, chat some more, hug necks. 

5. Drive home with a full heart, a filled belly. 

6. At home, find the teenagers have cleaned your kitchen, tidied up, and are ready for transport to evening festivities. Shuttle children, kiss faces, thank them for their help. Tell them you love them. Tell them again. Share their excitement for an evening with friends.

7. Drive home, let that feeling of humble gratitude for undeserved grace settle in... remember, there are deep lessons to be learned in gracious receiving. 

8.  Enter house. Make more tea. Experience unexpected GLADNESS! ...  the eaters of the house have left you the last brownie. Eat it. Quickly.

Sit down and allow today's vision to look back on the week. Today's gifts sit on grace upon grace. Yesterday's gifts were equally sweet, though my attitude, perhaps not as sunny. 

Open my eyes that I may see.... not just today, but again tomorrow.


Sandy said...

This looks just like my front except we have black iron rails instead of white wood!