Friday, January 03, 2014

2014: Random Thoughts

I didn't make resolutions this year. But I miss blogging, so I hope to do it more (says the girl who didn't blog once during the month of December.)

I woke up this morning and thought: I'll blog a photo recap of the last year. But I just spent an 90 minutes on the computer sorting through 5000 photos between January and April. I'm hoping as I learn the art of photography, I can start to take better photos in less frames. Holy cow, I'm thankful for digital cameras and the ability to delete without paying for processing. My picture round up for 2013 will have to come later this month, and I'll just give a random update.

Of course I can't post without a is frigid and all is brown and sleepy outside, here is a little color I found underneath the tree this year. These boots were my FAVORITE gift this year.

Our Christmas was quiet and sweet. We did fight a little bug that both The Girl and I caught, but I think we are on the mend now.

We appreciated a quiet Christmas, because every other day for the last several weeks we've had workers pounding on our walls outside. The Little Yellow House on the Hill has been getting a face lift. She's nearly 40 years old and her masonite siding was in bad shape; her soffits and fascia were rotted to the core. It was time to give her a fresh new look-- to pick up what was sagging. I'm thrilled with how she spruced up. Only a few more days left and she will be finished!

You can see the old siding still on the garage. The color looks so drab next to the new siding.

Just a little more siding on the garage and fixing the soffits on the front of the house. It's like getting a new house without having to move.

So, {raising the coffee mug} here is to the start of a season, and to blogging more than every other month!

Happy New Year!