Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wednesday Work(s) in Progress

What are you working on?

Its a question I get asked a lot.

Recently, the answer isn't very exciting.

The BIG project at the moment isn't so much creative as necessity: I'm clipping recipes from over 8 years of Cooking Light magazines, and putting them in a binder that will (in theory) help me to build weekly menus more efficiently.

The criteria for clipped recipes are:

  • must be something at least three-out-of-four family members will eat. 
  • ingredients can't be too out of the ordinary.
  • shouldn't take more than 30 minutes in prep work.
I did clip a few recipes that didn't meet one, or more, of these criteria, but they will go under the Entertaining category, and are recipes I have already used for that purpose.

So this is what my work table currently looks like:

You see that box in the middle? I'll show you up close...

I am almost embarrassed to tell you that this is my current working recipe box. About six months ago it got knocked off the pantry shelf. Whoever dropped it just scooped all the scraps of paper and cards into a big pile and stuffed them back in the box. I keep meaning to reorganize. Now I am going to add these recipes to the binder. 

My hope is to be finished with this project within the next week or two... which means it won't be done until June.

I have managed a little creative mojo... I finally pieced together this quilt top last weekend:
I'm not going to do the quilt sandwich just yet.  I'm trying to decide if I want to do some hand embroidery on the white squares... we'll see. 

I also am still working on the Dahlia afghan: 
I had finished the squares and began piecing them together, but they were starting to pucker.... grrr.  So I ripped out the seams and set the squares aside. Sometimes time is the best creative inspiration.

What are you working on?


Marie said...

Love the reality of your recipe box...I can relate! :) Cute sewing projects! I am awaiting the creative juices to flow on Michael's senior album and I am running out of time as he graduates June 7th. And I get weepy when I start on it so I keep putting it off for a time when I am feeling emotionally in control...whenever that time will be.

Have a blessed day!

Tanya Dennis said...

Oh, my goodness. Even your "non-creative" projects are creative! I have been saying for YEARS that I would condense and organize all of my recipe magazines into a binder. The problem is that each time I think about it, I envision some nifty computer program that would allow me to search by ingredients and such. The imagining of such a database paralyzes me back into my current system of heavily post-it flagged magazines stored by box. ;)

What am I working on? Well, I'm still writing my Bible study on the books of Samuel and I've begun research on a new study I'll be teaching at our church in June. I'm also debating new paint colors for my living and dining rooms and attempting to de-clutter our basement. Most of all I'm trying to create a new routine that will allow me to be a better steward of my time and write more consistently. God has really convicted me lately about the many, many little moments I waste each day.

Carpool Queen said...

I need to get in a better cooking groove. It's either feast or famine in this house - last week was ALL PW, ALL THE THE TIME when I cooked out of her cookbooks but this week it has been tacos and whatever didn't have green fuzzy stuff growing on it.


Can't wait til Friday.