Monday, April 02, 2012

Garden Morning

This morning I worked in the garden for over an hour while a smooth breeze made the trees creek. Honestly, if you haven't had the privilege to sit in the woods and listen to pines sway gently in the morning breeze, I sincerely hope you get the chance. It's amazing to hear the birds chirping (especially the Cardinals, they're so vocal these days) and what sounds like an old wood rocking chair slowly creek back and forth. So soothing.

I went this weekend to buy some plants for the yard and got totally suckered by the Gerber Daisies. They were like small children begging to come home. I simple couldn't resist them. What's worse, The Girl was with me. If there is one thing I have passed on to that child its an insatiable love for flowers.

We were doomed. She couldn't resist, and I couldn't tell her no. We now have daisies, marigolds, violets, pansies, and two other flower pots of something... what?... I don't know, but they are pretty.

Honestly, the flowers were total impulse buys because there was no need to bring color into the yard. The Azalea's are having their day.

In the garden, things are going well. My potato tower is sprouting.  What started as a full tower is now two-thirds filled. I didn't realize gravity would pull down the soil so much. Oops!

Moving over to the green beans, I had bigger concerns... I was a little alarmed this morning when I saw leaves of three. The rule of thumb in the piney woods is leaves of three, let it be. But apparently not all plants of this nature are mean a grouchy.

This isn't a picture of our yard, but its a view from part of my walk/run routes. And it is exactly how I feel on the beginning of this spring break: down hill after a long climb; welcoming and beautiful.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Those gerber daises totally would have sucked me in! However the Azaleas take the cake today.. so beautiful!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Look at that beautiful green!!! And the flowers are amazing, too :)