Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Thoughts Before Spring Break

Today isn't just your typical Friday.

It's the Friday before Spring Break!

Even the dog is happy!

~ This week was full. Nicely so. Not so busy that I felt I needed a clone....

...but busy enough to keep me running.

~Speaking of running... the hood has been exceptionally beautiful this week as the trees wake up and turn green.

Some trees have even turned white...

But you have to enjoy them while you can because these beautiful trees don't stay in bloom for long. Truly, they are colorful one day and green the next!

~There has been one thing that has made me really sad on my walks/runs...

Just down the street from my house was a beautiful forest. A little creek runs through it and often in the early morning and late afternoon you can hear a parliament of owls hooting at each other.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago the tractors came, and in within 48 hours multiple acres of forest had been felled.

The people who chopped the trees down left this area filthy, and completely destroyed. It had rained during this process and tractors tore up the earth and made a big mess. Small tree's had been destroyed but not taken like all the big pieces of timber. We had hoped that perhaps a park was being built (the area is too large for a single home, but too small for a subdivision.) We hoped that something more was happening.

It's not. It is simply timber harvest. There are no plans for clean up or re-seeding. And its really a shame.

 ~ On a lighter note, I received this video in a text this week from my brother and nephew. I've watched it several times because the sound of my brother laughing in the background just makes me happy. He is just so tickled with himself.

~ Speaking of Folgers in my cup... I better go get some more!
Happy Friday!


Gretchen said...

Love the video! :) Happy Spring Break, LVCG. xxxooo

Anonymous said...

LOL ohh my goodness that video totally made me laugh! It does remind me of you! But the best part is certainly the laugh of your brother in the background! That is sad about the trees and that they aren't even going to replant them!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

That would break my heart about the trees! So sad.

Your video was awesome - how sweet of them :)