Monday, April 09, 2012

Words Aren't Enough

Easter morning was glorious with this magnificent sunrise. He Is Risen Indeed.

I wish there was a way to wrap up this Easter weekend but my heart is full and my words are few.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Watching The Mister teach his son. 

  • Getting a (happy) lump in my throat when I see how he's grown.

  • Picnic lunch among the flowers.

  • Taking a beading class with The Girl.

  • Purple and silver - double strand.

  • Turquoise and orange, worn with a cheesy grin.

  • Spending lots of time as a family: shopping, movies, walking, talking.

  • Watching my husband share a gift he is exceedingly humble about, and being proud enough for both of us.

  • Listening to the sounds of the adult Sunday School class next-door sing a hymn a cappella, and holding back my tears.

  • Knowing that I am being prayed for, and experiencing JOY.

  • Answered prayer, twice over.

  • A surprise walk with a friend and neighbor. A divine appointment.

  • Watching peace chase away anxiety. 

  • Flowers that bloomed just in time.
It was a beautiful weekend.


Jenster said...

*happy sigh* :)

Anonymous said...

What a sunrise it was yesterday! I love that picture of your husband teaching your son!! What a glorious Easter weekend it was!

Cindy said...

The choir was great yesterday. You stood as a powerful witness of his grace and mercy.

Gretchen said...

Okay, the boy IS NOT as tall as his dad, already. Wow. :)

Beautiful beading work, ladies.

Aching for NC to be just a little closer to WA.

Beautiful post.