Friday, March 09, 2012

Random Thoughts from the Garden

  • It rained most of the night. This morning is beautiful because of it.

  • I'm probably the only person on the block that takes pictures of weeds. I sort of hoped those sweet green bunches taking over the front lawn were clover. They're not. But they are the pretty.

  • Are you tired of looking at the flowers in my yard?

  • My new project for this weekend is to make a Potato Tower.

  • Two weeks ago we dug up the old compost dirt, and made two more big holes to start more compost.
  •  It looks as if The Girl is standing in a deep hole but she as actually sitting in it. We may have dug a little too deep, this morning its full of water. Hopefully it will dry out.

  • If you would have told me five years ago that I would be writing about dirt made from kitchen scraps, bunny poop (love that bunny!), and dried leaves,  I would have laughed like crazy. 

  • But its true. I love compost.

Last picture...

  • This sweet cardinal lives in our front yard, and he is amazing. Each evening he comes to the Japanese maple and sits and watches, as if he owns the yard. Yesterday I had all the windows open and I could hear him calling over and over again. When I came to sit on the front steps to watch him, he stopped his calling and I admired him from afar. He is pretty cool.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I have plans to get my hands dirty in the garden today!! So Sammy is in love with Jolanthe's kid's bunny.. I'm wondering if we have one in our future. Is your dog okay with the bunny.. is the bunny afraid of the dog? Any dog/bunny advice for me :-P

Tracey said...

Love all your photos!! (especially the cardinal...and G in the hole!)

Such The Spot said...

There is my answer on the potato tower.

I know it was pretty recently that I saw the boy and the girl in person but man--they are both so tall and thin! And strong, capable workers apparently ;)

Oh, and one more thing. That cardinal is like a little piece of Arizona in your yard. He's beautiful.