Wednesday, March 07, 2012

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

~The Daffodils are so friendly this time of year.

~I may have over-bought the spinach this week.

This is the current status of my kitchen: Laundry piled high and dishes in the sink.

This is what it looked like this weekend after I made curtains for the breakfast area. I'm not a fan of curtains. I like things open and bright. But my husband isn't a fan of windows without coverings at night. (Safety! is his constant concern.)

~While I sewed up the curtains I was suddenly inspired to make new coverings for a chair I inherited five or six years ago. I LOVE this rocking chair, given to me by a dear friend. The new coverings aren't perfect, but it definitely looks better!

~The curtains in the kitchen and the covering for the chair have been on my longterm "to do" list for several years. It feels good to get those checked off!

All right, laundry calls.

Happy Wednesday!


Tanya Dennis said...

You're amazing. You just "whip up" curtains and covers and you actually FOLD your laundry ... *grin*

Oh, and I have a suggestion for all that spinach: PASTA. I love me some homemade spinach fettuccine.