Thursday, January 26, 2012

Starbucks Writer

The Boy and I are having our weekly Starbucks School afternoon while The Girl counts her cookies at Girl Scouts.

Speaking of cookies, we are up to our eyeballs in them, and although it is fun and exciting, it is also a lot of work. I will be glad to be finished. I don't know how our wonderful cookie moms do it all... I would be completely overwhelmed.

Speaking of overwhelmed... I decided that social media was killing my ability to think, read, clean, pray, create and interact with those who I live life with on a daily basis. I still check-in from time to time (cos i still really love being in contact with all my friends!) but I'm trying to let (Facebook and Pinterest in particular) work for me, instead of me for it.

I can see the difference already. Since the first of the year I have read (and FINISHED!) four books. I haven't read four books in one month since Twitter and Facebook and all the medias in between became my every day "read". I am hoping that soon my brain will start thinking deeply again, and I will be able to write again. I've missed it.

I have worked on a few little crochet projects lately:
This is the start of another afghan.. it makes me so happy to be making Dahila's in the middle of winter ( although this winter has not been a true winter!).

Ok, gotta run... but I HAVE to show you this...

I don't know what this tree is, but it has the MOST beautiful pink blossoms on them. It makes my heart very happy... spring is nearly here!



Anonymous said...

I just deleted my twitter, google plus, and one other account today. Next to go is Facebook! I am so with you!! My house looks amazing.. who knew ;-)

Jenster said...

My reduction in posts and other writing is directly proportionate to the time I spend on FB. I so get you!

O Mom said...

It's either a Tulip tree or a Magnolia Tree! Both are amazing!!!!!