Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bullet Posting

  • Not much time today. Gotta be quick!
  • Lately this has been my favorite spot in the house. And yes, that is a fire burning above my fireplace. Check it out on Netflix, its a movie called Fireplace for the Home. It has crackling fire sounds and everything but heat. I love it (since our fireplace has issues).

  •  I've spent most of this week preparing things for school so I haven't had much time for crafting, but I did manage to crank out a pair of fingerless gloves while watching the first episode of the second season of  Downton Abbey on Monday night.
  •  These are three crafting books The Mister gave to me at Christmas. I have flipped through them each and looked at all the pictures,which inspired the owls pictured above, but I haven't had proper time to dig complete in... I plan to remedy that this weekend.
  •  Last , but certainly not least, I had a moment of weariness toward the beginning of the week. Nothing major, just the briefest of moments when I felt overwhelmed (and inclined to panic) with how I am going to accomplish all the things that are set before me... and do them well. Soon after, I read the following quote. I hope it encourages you as much as it encourages me.
With Christ beside us, we cannot be conquered or cowed -
never forget that the power of God working
through a faithful servant
is a mighty thing.

-Turning Points Devotional, June 2011, Day 13

Happy Wednesday!


Jenster said...

Love the fireplace. :) And the fingerless gloves? Gorgeous! I wish I had a smidgeon of your talent.

Thanks for the quote. I could use that reminder on a regular basis.

Gretchen said...

Why, thank you for the fingerless gloves. They're poifect. ;)

You astound and amaze with all your craftymccrafation. Yet, I believe it's your poetic side--that vulnerable, beautiful side which I like even more--if that's possible.

Great quote. Makes me miss ya.

Jennifer M. said...

Super cute gloves! I love the color. :)