Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Post: Danger at the Wheel

Dear friends and readers,

My son, The Boy (as he's known here on the blog) was given the assignment to write a persuasive editorial on an issue he feels passionate. Honestly, I was surprised to see the topic he had chosen: Texting While Driving.  After turning in his assignment to his writing teacher at our homeschooling co-op, I asked if he would let me post his work here. I think it is particularly important information for those of us that may be tempted to pick up the phone to text or read texts (or otherwise be distracted) while operating a vehicle. Myself included. 

With love,

Texting: Danger at the Wheel
Texting while driving is dangerous and can be deadly. You may think that looking down to read or reply to a text is not a big deal, but it is. Statistics show that in just five-seconds of distraction allows a driver to travel the distance of 100 yards, which is the length of a football field. In this time any driver could be hit, rear ended or hit someone else. It’s like driving with your eyes closed. Can you imagine getting in your car, putting on a blind fold and expecting to arrive at your destination safely? 

According to a study by Virginia Tech University on driving distractions and cell phone use, a person texting while driving is twenty-three times more likely to crash or be hit than someone who is not using a cell phone. This is disturbing when statistics show that 50% of drivers between the ages of 18-24 acknowledge that they text and drive. As a matter of fact, in 2009 drivers under the age of 20 were the most distracted drivers, taking the lives of 5,474 people.

While these facts show that texting while driving is dangerous and deadly, above all its against the law. In June 2009, the legislative office of North Carolina signed a ban on texting while driving, making it illegal with the consequence of a $100 (plus court fees) fine. If you are a minor the fee is only $35. Law enforcers are not allowed to confiscate your phone, although personally, I think phones should be taken because it could make a stronger impact for the person texting. 

In 2008 nearly 6000 people died while texting at the wheel. This is a potentially deadly distraction that endangers not only the drivers life but lives of others too. As you can see, texting while driving puts precious lives on the line and could be solved by individuals believing the risks and putting the phone away while driving. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Mr. Guest Writer! I feel "persuaded"
and will make appropriate changes when my cell phone buzzes and I am behind the wheel!

Love to you all and see you soon!


Gretchen said...

Well written. And, I remind myself too that my future drivers are watching.


Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great job The Boy! I am a firm believer in this! So glad to see you wrote such an important topic!

whimzie said...

Wow. Sobering post, The Boy! Those were some scary statistics. I don't text while I drive, but I'm always tempted to read others' texts to me when I hear them in the car. I think from now on, I'm going to keep my phone in my purse and my purse on the floor of the passenger's side so it won't be as accessible and I won't be so tempted to look at it.

Thank you!