Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Things That Make Me Happy

  • Counting-down on paper chains.

(The Girl made this... she is counting down days until she see her Paw and Grannie. Only 44 chains left!) 

  • Banana treats...

  •  ...for a monkey boy.

...and his mother.
  • Sweet smelling soaps that make me want to clean.
  • Wildlife in my own back yard.
  • Two Bambies. Love their spots.
  • Teaching our kids to play poker. 
  •  Traditions - I told the kids how my dad taught us how to play poker on camping trips. They want to play with him but are hoping to play like the "olden days" (a.k.a - when I was a kid)...we didn't bet with pennies. We played for m&m's.
  • Crocheting a poncho... with a name that's like my own.

  •  Being almost done...
  • Quiet times.
  •  Lego mansions.

  • A teenage boy who is generous with his smile.

These things. They make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading the things that make you happy! I am pretty sure any of those photos could have stood on its own.. they all made me smile :-)

New Every Morning said...

Everything in this post makes me happy!
I love the idea of using the paper chains to count down to fun stuff. Why have I only thought I could use those for Christmas??