Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random (Flowery) Thoughts from Kellie's Brain

I'm sure by now you've guessed that I have an obsession a passion for flowers.

I love them, but I also really love to make them. Paper, yarn, fabric, tissue, beads, all flower-making medium is fair game... and this week wool-felt is my textile of choice.

I found this picture through Pinterest, (Go on, CLICK HERE to see the picture and then come back, I'll wait.)

OK... So glad you came back.

Seriously, if those beautifully colored felt dahlia's don't make your heart just swell with happiness, well... I'm worried about you.

Then again, maybe you should worry about me, because that picture made me want to run warp-speed to my studio/office and start making these bold, blooming, blossoms by the dozens.

Yesterday, I did my very best to muster up enough self-control to get two things done: teach some school, and finish up my last crochet project (pics below).

But then, without stopping at Go (or fixing lunch,) I found my wool-felt stash and sat to work.

My first attempt turned out all right. Not quite as neat and tidy as the picture, but give me a couple days and we'll see what happens...

Speaking of blue flowers....

I didn't give too much info on our beach trip. I plan to write more tomorrow but i will say I had forgotten how much I love the sea. I was surprised how blue the Atlantic ocean looked. Especially in the morning, when the sunlight was filtered through marine haze.

I must have been inspired by that azure hue because not only did I come home and make blue flowers, I bought one too.

I'm not really a souvenir type person, but when I saw this bracelet in the hotel gift shop, it was... just waiting there for me to pick it up... sitting there so pretty in all its flowery-blue goodness.

If happy were a wool-felt flower, or a beaded bracelet, this is what it would look like.

I mentioned that I finished my tea cozy project... Here it is.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the picture to show the true color red. in the picture it looks very orangey, but in real life its a beautiful blue-red. Mrs. P. This should be living in your kitchen within the next 5 business days! Hooray!

Well, I would love to sit and chat all day... seriously, I would. But I want to try to make one more flower before this afternoon gets away!

Happy Wednesday!


Tracey said...

It's always fun to stop by for a visit.

Flowers and ocean talk make me happy.