Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Photos Friday

I will admit, this week has been a strange one. We started with an earthquake, had a laundry fire mid-week and will finish it off with a hurricane. 

There is truly never a dull moment. 

Actually, that's not entirely true. There were a few moments of respite. Let me share them with you....

1. Living with a teenager is an adventure. I spend a lot of time vacillating between great rounds of laughter and frantic moments of prayer. Its all good. I'm thankful for a boy like this one...
 2. I think I might have control issues... and heaven help the woman who might get to the locker room at the gym first. Locker 19 is mine, mine, mine. Just kidding! (Sort of.)

PS: I love my new blue lock... when I purchased it I was so worried that the combo would be too hard to remember. When I opened the packaging the combo was made up of months/dates corresponding to the birthdays of The Mister, The Boy and The Girl. Isn't that cool?

3. I'm getting a little worried about the science curriculum we are using for eighth grade this year. Last week's experiment involved lighting matches, and this week he had to use the stove burner on high heat. (See #1.)
 4. The Girl is a card shark. A serious card shark. She pretty much cleaned us out on Wednesday night. All I can say is: Paw you better buy the Costco-size bag of m&m's... and hide your wallet. 

5. I will admit that sometimes when I step on a Lego with bare feet I say bad words. And I have been known to vacuum up scattered and lonely Lego pieces because my cries for them to be picked-up often go unheard.

However, just between you and me, deep down inside, finding Lego soldiers guarding my deodorant and Smashbox makes me exceedingly happy.
So there it is... the "boring" parts of my exciting week.

Happy Friday! And stay safe out there!

OH! And one more thing! I have a message for Mary from the pool (should you read my blog). I feel horrible that I have let a sister in a hair crisis down! I cannot for the life of me remember your last name... and I have tried high and low to find you on Facebook with your first and maiden name... even looking at other friends pages to see if they knew you. Please find me and friend me on Facebook, or leave a comment or email here, so I can find you and give you my hair-apists name.xox


Anonymous said...

LOVE that first picture! I would pick locker 13 so we could be locker buddies :-) seriously matches... I think thats kinda extreme ;-) Your card shark is adorable! Glad no one stole your deodorant!

Blue Skies said...

I am tutoring Apologia Physical Science this year - is that The Boy's science? Next week we are doing matches too.....
Be sure to let us know how your Irene experience is - hoping for just a rainy day for you (and I'll take one of those too.....)

Lara said...

People who would steal your deoderant are sickos I wouldn't even let them in your house! :)

His Girl said...

love this whole post. so fun to have a peek into the 'boring' bits ((which are not even remotely boring to me)) - it feels like a little visit with you.

LJ said...

Thinking of you today friend! Stay in and stay safe. Love ya.

Tracey said...

Just read your dryer post. I will never again leave my house with the dryer on..never, ever.

My week has been very similar to yours..earthquake, hurricane, homeschooling, and teens.

Hopefully, our weekend won't be full of weather related stress.

See you on the other side!