Saturday, August 20, 2011

Body Guard or Fraidy Cat (depending on the day)

I'm taking my coffee on the deck this morning.

It's quite dangerous out here, what with all the squirrels noisily chasing through the trees. I can hear crickets chirping, and a crow squawking in the distance... I even hear a big animal off in the forest. Most likely its the buck with big antlers that lives in our woods.

It's a jungle out there.

But I'm not afraid. I've got my guard dog, Kona.

When I sit out here she places herself right at the entrance to our deck, ready to take on all that might come.

Well, almost anything.

Right after I snapped this photo she got up from her perch and ran like a flash to keep me safe me from suspicious three-inch Millipede crawling across the bricks. You should never trust anyone with 1000 short legs.

She sniffed at it and moved it around with her nose.

The suspect was deemed harmless and allowed to go on his way.

She's just doing her job, saving the day.

Occasionally, when things are a little slow, she gets up to check the perimeter. To chase those brown tree-climbing varmints back into there deluxe nests in the sky.

Then she comes back to resume her post for duty.

Just between you and me, my guard-dog is nice, but she's extremely high
-strung and afraid of her shadow. She can make me feel content and crazy within a fraction of a second.

She's the family dog, but likes me the best - following me around from room to room. She sits in the middle of the kitchen when I am cooking and if I don't shut the the door, will follow me into the bathroom. Every. Single. Time.

She is a loyal guard dog who's afraid of my sports-watch and the sound of the fire alarm when I occasionally "overcook" something in the kitchen. She saves me from bugs, but runs away from the deer. She'll crawl in your lap like a puppy is there's thunder.

She's a mess. But she doesn't know it.

This morning she is doing the job she takes with all seriousness: She is keeping me safe from millepedes and squirrels.

Shes my dog... and I love her.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet pup! She sounds a lot like Tipsy! Tipsy however is also really good at sounding the alarm when someone pulls into the driveway.. then steps on the front porch.. and pretty much until she deems it time to stop barking.. to the point that she has to have the last word.. its kinda humorous... I think my dog is a teenager ;-)

I am glad you are kept safe out on your crazy backyard!