Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I'm currently drafting a post on Why We Chose Home Education

In the process of going through some old post (to be certain I don't repeat myself!) I found this post. 

Its ironic that I found it because I needed to read it today. My students and I ache from the pains of personal growth...we aren't lonely (as I was when I wrote the post below) but we are fighting pre-pubescent hormones; our own desires to "have it our way"; and the propensity to search for "short cuts" to make lessons (both academic and personal) less painful.

Soon I will post on the "why's" of our homeschool journey (they're probably different than you think), but today I give you glimpse of what I am learning as I navigate an amazing and challenging road with my family.

Whatever your growing pain might be right now, homeschooling or not, I hope this is an encouragement...

October 10, 2008

I am enjoying the process and application that is homeschooling. I love getting to watch the kids learn, and learning more myself. In many ways I wish that I could have learned in a literature based curriculum because history comes to life through the power of story. 

All in all, homeschooling is a very positive thing.  I know it is right for both the kids and our family at this time in our lives. I like knowing what the kids are learning. 

But, I would be lying if I didn't mention that I am also grieving things in life that came with having children in more traditional schooling. I am used to seeing and talking to family/friends every day, in some form or another. Whether having lunch a couple times a week with friends, hanging out at the gym, volunteering at the school or talking on the phone, my days were filled with relationship.

Making sure that we are home for most of the day to complete school is a bit isolating.  I can't visit with friends and teach third and fifth grade math at the same time! Although, just between you and me, I have tried... It just doesn't work.

The bottom line is that my time is no longer my own, and I am learning to cope with that. I have lessons to go over, and papers to grade and books to pre-read. It leaves precious little time to write, to sew, to hang out for hours doing my own thing! It's a full time job without the benefit of pay, or water-cooler chats with co-workers, or someone to tell you how you're doing. 

I have found that I am relearning the lessons all parents learn when the honeymoon of parenting has gone, and the long nights of bleary-eyed feedings have ceased to be new: I am learning the lesson of selflessness

I am learning that in Christ I can do all things, and that I am never alone, although I sometimes feel lonely.

I am learning more than head knowledge. I am learning more about myself; learning where I am weak and need God's encouragement; learning where I have strengths I never knew I had. 

I think God puts me in these types of situations a lot. He knows that I invest a lot of energy in putting my trust in "man". He knows that I often fill up and get energized by spending time with others; That sometimes I turn to people to fill me up, instead of turning to God.

This last week I was reminded that we may fail others, or they may fail us, but God will never leave us (Deuteronomy 31:6). He is our friend (John 15:15). Our comforter (2 Cor. 1:3). He is our great Teacher (John 3:2). 

I am uncertain if I what I am feeling right now is homesickness, or feeling isolated in our new place in life... I think it's a bit of both. 

So schooling at home is good. Great, even! I can't imagine not doing it right now, but there is a learning curve and it's much, much bigger than reading, writing and arithmetic.


Andrea said...

We love home schooling, even the days when I am like what am I doing!?!? LOL