Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday W.I.P's

I have several things I could write about this morning.

I could write about how the last 8 days have been weird because The Mister had to work through the weekend and keep very strange work hours. I could tell you that when he was home he was on-call, receiving phone calls at odd times and in the middle of the night.

But I won't write of these crazy weeks, that only happen a couple time of year, because in truth it leads to great perspective. It helps me to remember that my husbands job is a blessing. One that normally has awesome working hours and allows for lots of time together.

Changing subjects, I could write about the poisonous Copperhead snake we found in our garage last night. Instead I will just tell you how grateful I was that my brave Man was home to "deal" with it.

Instead, let me tell you that I am getting ready to put a couple of things up for purchase. Things like:

This red apple hat for the 0-6 month apple of your eye. It looks orange in this picture, but its really red.

This is a pumpkin for the little one in your patch. I actually have two: sizes 0-6 months, and 6-12 months.

There is also a grape hat.

And a beautiful cloche with a flower.

And just for fun, although these are already sold and ready for shipping today, I just finished these special orders:

And... because i couldn't resist trying them on....even though my head is nearly an inch and a half bigger than the owner of these hats...

...this is me trying to look normal while taking pictures of myself while neighbors walk by and wonder what-in-the-world I am doing.

If you interested in any of these hats click on over to my etsy shop!

PS: if you are waiting with bated breath on my post on why we's truly a work-in-progress! I hope to have it up soon!


Sami said...

Are the bottom ones Becca's? They're cute! And I totally want the baby white one! Can you make mittens to match? I just got way too excited!

Carpool Queen said...

The cream one is ADORABLE. Do you have the pattern for knitting it instead of crochet?

Steph said...

Love the hats Kelly, I'm truly impresses:)

Rachel said...

These are all so cute Kellie! You're getting too good!! I'm falling so far behind with knitting. I need another inspirational meeting of the knifty knitters! :)

stephanie j. said...

Cute cute cute! Are you on etsy?

Elizabeth said...

Can you make them in toddler size? My 2-year old is tiny, but I don't think 6-12 months would fit her. I love them!

Amber said...

You think my boys would let me put one of those on them?


So stinkin' cute.

Amber said...

You think my boys would let me put one of those on them?


So stinkin' cute.

Gretchen said...

I am so incredibly impressed! (and maybe a little jealous of your talents!)