Friday, September 24, 2010

From My Couch

It was only a matter of time.

It's been over six years since we've had the stomach flu in this house. I knew the it wouldn't last forever...

It just the timing that's unfortunate.

I had envisioned today's post to be one of nostalgia as I anticipated The Boy's 13th birthday.

The plan for this evening no longer involves five teenage boys eating pizza, potato chips and all manner of junk food.

Instead The Mister and I will give him the gift he has been hoping he would receive (but we had convinced him he wouldn't get.)

We'll reschedule the party for next Friday night, and pray the rest of us escape the wrath of the horrible heaves.

This morning was rough. But I think The Boy is feeling a little better now, so whatever he had, it's quickly fading.

So far this afternoon we have watched SharkTales and now we are watching Furry Vengeance. We haven't had an all day movie day in a long time, so not all is loss.

You know, I am sort of a germ freak. And the reason I'm a germ freak is to avoid things like this...but it's been a good reminder to me that nothing is as bad as you anticipate it will be...of course that hasn't stopped me from Cloroxing any and everything in sight. My hands are dry from all the washing and sanitizer. Control issues much?

No matter what, come tomorrow morning I will officially have a teenager living in this house. It is amazing how quickly they grow!

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Anonymous said...

oo man.. that is terrible timing! I hope no one else gets it and he feels better soon!

Steph said...

Can you believe as of next month, I'll have a 16 year old? Just finished drivers Ed so not officially driving till February, big sigh. . . Hope the boy feels better soon:)

Tracey said...

Hope he feels better soon! (and Happy 13th Birthday, poor guy :( )

His Girl said...

reasons I pity you:
1. so disappointing! oh, what miserable timing!
2. it's hard to see our older kids sick, isn't it? harder to know how to comfort a child who you can no longer hold and rock.
3. furry vengeance. worst. movie. ever.

hope you all escape the plague, that next wknd is awesome, and that you never have to watch that movie again.

LJ said...

Happy Birthday to the Teenager from Texas. We miss seeing you grow into the fine young man you are! You are so blessed and you are a blessing to all who come to know you. Come see us sometime.

Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

oh dear! i hope you feel better soon!!
hope you go another 6 years :-)