Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Thirteen (Random Addition)

1. Its raining. Again. I am boycotting by getting back into my pajama's. I did shower and get my hair done, cause you never know when somebody will knock on your door. Even in the rain. Oh, and I also had to...

2. Take Sophie to veterinarians office this morning. She's staying for the day getting the Bob Barker Treatment. I will have to pick her up this evening. 

3. There is an upside to today's abundance of puppy training in the back yard under an umbrella, and then cleaning mud off paws that have no concept of getting the carpets muddy.

4. I plan on getting caught up today on the only television show I watch: Desperate Housewives. (If that sounds awful to you, pray for me.) I have missed the last three episodes. Thank goodness for online viewing!

5. I also plan to fold laundry while doing number 4. 

6. We finally got the house in Arizona rented! It only took eight months but its finally done!

7. The kids had a math test this morning. Now they are working on History. They were told to find a comfortable spot to read their assignments (since its raining today I doubled their reading so they can have tomorrow off to play outside). This is The Girls chosen spot:
(its hard to get a good picture when its so dark outside)

8. Went to Sam's club last night. It was supposed to be a family affair, but The Boy suddenly came down with a stomach issue right before we left. So we switched gears and The Girl and I went to go buy a months worth of groceries. We shopped for 45 minutes, pushing our over-loaded, flat bed, shopping cart to the check out where we waited for ten minutes in line. Just as it was our turn The Girls stomach started to turn. We then spent 15 minutes in the Sam's Club bathroom. She managed to feel good enough for me to stand in line (again) for 10 minutes. It was an eventful evening. 

9. Today everyone feels fine.

10. Oh! I have some links. Click over for some funny Starbucks etiquette lessons: Part One and Part Two. Cdub is my favorite barista. She is also the person who inspired me to blog. See started her blog The Biscuit way back in the day. She was cool before bloggers became cool. As a matter of fact, here is a little CoffeeGal Trivia...

11. My first blog was not La Vida Dulce. Almost 6 years ago I started a blog called My Blue Kitchen. But it wasn't the right time. I closed that up and a couple years later started La Vida Dulce...the rest is history. Been here almost four years!

12. Back to links....Are you a mom who feels discouraged? Are you a homeschooling mom who feels discouraged? Do you know a mom of young children who feels discouraged? Do you have a mom that feels discouraged? Go will encourage.

13. Whew! If you are the praying sort you can pray for my nerves (and The Mister's safety) on Saturday morning. He has bought himself a power saw and is INTENT on taking down a dead tree in our yard. Its not as big as most of the Carolina pine that live on the lot, but its not a little sapling either. I don't plan to be here when he does it because I am supportive in that way. I don't doubt he can do it, but I don't doubt that its dangerous!

Happy Weekend! 
(I'll be unplugged tomorrow)



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Fun list!

The Bob Barker treatment, eh? Youch.

Hope the stomach stuff is over for you. I read your tweet about it and I was sad for you.

Love the pic of the girl in the laundry basket. My girls share a fondness for the baskets at my house as well.

Enjoy your rainy day. Or try to. We have snow. Ick.

Lori said...

Your Sam's experience sounds awful - I can relate! I'm also with you on your concern re: taking the tree down. My husband is exactly the same and loves to whip out his chainsaw, much to my chagrin.

Enjoy your viewing... gotta love multitasking! :)

Carpoolqueen said...

The girl looks comfy. She would not be comfy in our house as there is not an empty laundry basket to be found anywhere.

And this rain! If it keeps going, your dear husband isn't going to need to power saw - he can just push it over and the wet ground won't hold the roots (and did you hear we might get a tornado tomorrow? That, too, might solve your problem but it might cause others.)

Can you tell the rain has made me chatty today?

You can pray for me while I watch Grey's Anatomy, or Private Practice. I have a thing for Patrick Dempsey's hair. And Tim Daly's everything.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am still cracking up about Bob Barker Treatment!! I hope the kiddos still feel good today.. I saw your tweet last night and it kinda had me laughing.. not that the girl was sick but that you were tweeting from the Sam's Club bathroom

Tiffani said...

Yes, indeed CPQ~I concur w/ all things Grey's and Private Practice.

We too love laundry baskets...they've been everything from boats, to "cages" for zoo animals (upside down), to nesting spots...

Seriously, the rain?? I'm crying over it!!! And GIRL!! We can talk some serious dog outside/umbrella/muddy's driving me NUTS!!

Sugar just had her BBS last week (that totally cracked me up, btw)...she is HYPER as all get out, I figure her "dogmones" ;) must be crazy..but please Jesus let it pass quickly!!

Here's to sunshine soon, my friend!!

stephanie j. said...

Yay yay yay about the Arizona house rental!!! :) :) :)

Thanks for the encouragement and Starbucks links.

Your stomach ailment must have come through the internet, because it has hit our house as well. Ingy is off of school AGAIN today. I'm so looking forward to full-time homeschooling. I'm tired of catching stuff at school and bringing it home.

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Three cheers for the renting of the house. That must be such a load off.

From one Desperate fan to another: isn't it a little fishy how Gabi is suddenly all glamorous, skinny, and beautiful again?

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I love the reading spot! Have a blessed week end. Enjoy your rain~I have SNOW again here in Missouri~grr!

Gretchen said...

It's raining here, too. Yesterday snow. Today, rain. I'll just be crawling under my rock now and waiting till July 5th, our first day of summer.

Sorry about the tummy stuff. Yuck. I can do blood, and even sometimes, poop. But puke and mucus. NO.

I like how you're supportive of your husband like that. I can relate. And CPQ is right...with enough rain, those trees come down. Especially with a little helper known as wind. I never saw such a thing until I moved here. Apparently our frequent rain means that the root systems are quite shallow. Why work for water, right? So, yeah...get that puppy outta yer yard.

You're welcome.

What is it with laundry baskets and children? She's reading, though...gotta love that.

Michele said...

I love your Thursday 13. I'm so sorry about the Boy's and the Girl's stomachs . . . yuck. I DO love her reading place though! I am sick of the rain too. My pale skin needs a good dose of sunshine.

Okay, going to the grocery store once a month . . . Do you ever go back any during the month? Does it save you money? I need tips. I HATE to grocery shop and I LOVE to save money. Have you done a blog post on this already? If not, will you. . . please, help a friend out.

I tried once a month cooking one time. It was GREAT! But, I did feel that I'd still have to go and pick up a few things and then would see other things I needed . . so on and so forth. I just really, really hate the grocery store. I don't mind going to the fruit stand for fresh produce though . . . just NOT the grocery store.

Have fun getting caught up on laundry.

C D said...

took me a sec to realize what the Bob Barker treatment is...

I completely missed blogging all of March and have been really busy with TGC, and quartet singing and chorus... all is good but FB seems to be more my speed (fast) and I catch up with more peeps...

Love reading, though, and as usual - have enjoyed catching up with you!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I didn't know you had a blog before - I'm just glad you started this one and have kept with it!

I would LOVE it if it would rain here - enjoy it, Kellie. Nothing like a cozy day at home in your pj's.

Charity and Tony said...

I like the Girl's choice of a comfortable spot :-)
Poor Sophie...but glad you avoided the muddy footprints!