Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok! I am laughing at the last post that got published...empty.

Nothing like a post that says I am calling back, with nothing to say.

I am not sure how this happened, except to say that I was working on a post when the computer did something weird and three days of work was gone. Poof!

This happened about an hour ago, and I was so irritated that I thought I might cuss.

Oh, who am I kidding? I totally said bad words...but I seriously thought about spitting. 

So my post isn't up. Its OK because I wasn't all that happy with it. I was trying to get it finished so that I could say I did it when I said it would be done.  

And now its not.

Let me tell you a little bit about my otherwise lovely day. 

I got to eat at a tangy restaurant with CPQ. The restaurant was good and hanging out with Susan was the perfect start to the weekend. 

I didn't buy anything, which is really sad, but for some reason I wasn't rocking the clothes this time. It could've been the gallon of water I drank at the restaurant, but its probably more that I have had several weeks of having to keep my True-isms extra close to my heart (homeschooling = less workout time = not being as toned as I'd like to be). Keeping my eyes on the Truth

I do need to make some purchases because I have specifically been saving my pennies for few new things before I take my trip west.

Have I mentioned I am going on a trip?

Wanna guess where I'm going? 

Happy Friday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!


Gretchen said...

Could you be going to...DisneyWorld?

carpoolqueen said...

I'm the Queen of Plan B. Way to rock the post that you didn't intend to write. When life hands you lemons....

And we'll find something to buy next time. The shopping gods were not smiling on us.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Texas is my guess. But I wish it was Colorado.

That sushi restaurant ya'll were heading to looked delish.

Lindsay said...

hehe I totally thought there was something wrong w/ my reader :-P. I am sure you will find just what you need for your trip.. your trip to.. hmm come visit me ;-) said...

You are so funny. I'm notorious for missing self-imposed deadlines. If someone tells me when to do something, I'm there. Early. With bells on. If it's a personal goal, I put it off like I've got a thousand tomorrows with nothing to do. Not ideal for someone who is self-emplyed - eh? ;)

Lori said...

Hi! I just checked out the Truth site and - wow! Thanks for linking to it. Would you ever go a month without makeup? I don't know if I could be up for the challenge.... ;)

Hope you have/had a fun trip!

Blue Skies said...

I don't think I'm allowed to guess on this question! It'd be a dead give away!

Such The Spot said...

Can I play, huh can I? Out west. Hmmm. Do cacti and rattlesnakes live there by chance? :)

C'mon, do tell. Whatcha saving those pennies for?