Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Living at home has brought up many issues that have now become part of who people think I am. For instance almost two decades ago I accidentally burned 30 pounds of tamale masa. That story comes up at least once a month.

Then there is the whole "sweatshirts and socks" thing.

OK, so I admit it. I did have a love for my Dad's clean white tube socks and his big sweatshirts. It is kind of like coffee, when it someone else's it always tastes better. My Dad's socks were always more brilliantly white and seemed, somehow, better. And I will readily admit that when I moved out of my parents house into my home with my husband, I stole his stuff too.

Imagine my curiosity when I was reading the paper this morning and found this:
Serial Sock Snatcher Knee Deep In Trouble Again

Now, my small and insignificant time of sock thievery doesn't sound so bad does it?

Oh yeah, and I overcame my issues...I stopped wearing tube socks and The Mister hides his sweatshirts.