Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Secret

You know, Mondays are always a little bit boring. Well, maybe boring is not quite the word. Perhaps a better word is bland. It's the hum-drum day of every week. So I thought I would share a juicy secret with you.

Living at home with my parents has it's perks. For instance, they have a beautiful pool in the back yard that my Dad has diligently been getting ready for a summer filled with grand kids who are ready to swim. But lately, this new pool guy has been spending a bit of time out there helping my Dad in his quest. And let me tell you...He Is Hot!

He prefers not to be shown on the blog, because well, he's hunky....but he's shy. Just look at the way he cleans out those leaves and bugs and things with such purpose!

When I went outside yesterday to take his picture he laughed at me and told me to put the camera away....but I told him that when I see a cute pool guy, I like to blog about it. He told me that a cute pool guy isn't all that blog worthy...but I say he's wrong. Plus, it's my blog.

Desperate Housewife? Not a chance. Who needs TV when you've got a man like this?

There's some Monday sassiness for you! ;)

La Vida Dulce!

(P.S.: For those of you who may be worried....please don't. The pool guy is just The Mister in diguise!)
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meh said...

Well, it is good to hear your marriage isn't suffering in the desert heat!