Friday, April 27, 2007

Not One, But Two, Chickens

I waited as long as I possibly could to post, in hopes that I would have excited and great news.

Turns out I may have counted my chickens.

We tried over the last 10 days to buy not one, but two, houses here in our new home town. But both offers fell through. This is probably a good thing since our home in NC isn't sold (or even being looked at...but I am not bitter or anything...more like extremely impatient).

We got a little excited early this week when someone came to look at our NC house for the second time (although there wasn't any record he had been there the first time) and our hopes were dashed when we found out it was an empty lead.

It's all right though because today I had my hair cut and colored. I had my eyebrows waxed and I ate not one, but two, sushi rolls. Currently I am binging on blue and pink cotton candy leftover from the county fair. Which brings me to my next subject... (and lets you know that all emotions can be overcome with proper spa treatments... and sugar).

Yesterday my Dad and I took the kids to the County Fair. The kids had a blast and my dad and I came home ready to fall into a deep, deep nap. There is nothing like taking not one, but two, kids to a fair pumping them up with soda, junk food and cotton candy and then standing in the heat for the roller coaster ride. Honestly, it was really fun and the kids are ready to go back next year.

One of the things I love best about going somewhere that has a high volume of people is because I think people watching is enjoyable. And at this fair we were not disappointed. We found not one, but two, sweet characters that were the most fun to watch....