Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drinks On Me!

Good News! Our new house is complete and our household goods are being delivered in 6 beautiful days! So next week will be filled with unpacking, and after 3 months it will feel like Christmas!

So today in celebration I am raising my Thirstbuster from the Circle K. After my workouts in the mornings I have been driving to The K and getting a Powerade (with three pumps of this strange, but good, caffeine stuff). They have this new crushed ice that is just the best. This is my latest obsession (since my Starbucks obsession isn't all that fun when it's 102 outside) and at ¢.69 for that crushed icy goodness, well, that's pretty cool too. So really, I am celebrating this awesome New-House news, but honestly, when it comes to crushed ice, any times a good time!

And for those who might be concerned, I have certainly not given up coffee entirely! I still have my fair share in the morning. Which brings me to something I have been meaning to bring up on the blog...

This blog was named La Vida Dulce, in honor of my favorite coffee, which tragically, is no longer being made (I've been in mourning, but I think I am ready to talk about it now). I found this coffee while I was living in Texas and was blessed to have a few dear friends that were my suppliers while living in NC. I drank my supply in carefully rationed portions and, every once in awhile, shared some with my Carolina Girls (Hi Girls!). Two days ago I was feeling a little stressed and found myself pining away for good cup of La Vida Dulce, but a ThirstBuster is a pretty good backup.

So, I do love coffee, and some good crushed ice. Although generally not mixed together.

(Raisin' my ThirstBuster high in the air!) Cheers!