Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day at the Race

On Sunday I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. My gym sponsored a team so my sister-in-law and I signed up to run.

From the look on my face above you'd think I was about to embark in the Boston Marathon (which also took place this weekend) but the reality is that running in a Race for the Cure 5K does more for the heart than a cardiovascular workout.

It was more than emotional to see survivors walking, and some being pushed in their wheelchairs because the treatment that heals is more debilitating than the cancer itself.

And to see runners with hot pink signs on their back that read
"in Memory of:"
"In Celebration of",

many wore more than one.

I love participating in races because it is always a bit of a celebratory event, but none more than the Race for the Cure.

I am often motivated to make a better time than my last race. Driven to do better than the race before. But at this race I was smiling at the finish line.
Glad to be healthy.
Glad to run.
Happy to be part of something that is more than a workout.
More than a number of time...

It's about being alive and running for hope.

~La Vida Dulce

The kids and I get our picture with Wilbur and Wilma.

Jen and I before the race.

At the finish line!!
After the race.

Chewbacca and the kids.

Posing with the only Rattlesnake my kids will be allowed to be next to!