Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Poll - April

About a week ago I crashed my mother's book club. After they discussed their book they sat down for some dessert. The conversation turned to grammar and mis-spelled words. The consensus was that broccoli and zucchini are words that give trouble when one is trying to spell.

Forget about vegetables! i have bigger issues! I just realized today that the word, alot, is not spelled together. It is spelled, a lot. Two words.

I have been spelling that sucker wrong forever (or is it, for ever?). I also thought, may be, was spelled in two words. But alas, it is in fact one. Maybe.

The random poll for this month is this:

What words do you continually have trouble spelling?

La Vida Dulce!


meh said...

What an encouragment that I am not the only one out there with spelling issues!

Anonymous said...

Eye half know trouble spelling words write. Spell checker tolled me sew even win eye checked this out! I'm sorry ewe half sew much trouble. -K2

Lara said...

Okay since this was posted in April and it is now September I'm sure no one but you will ever read this comment but I finally came up with a word that I can never spell on the first try it is definitely. And apparently I'm not the only one because there is a whole website dedicated to the correct spelling of definitely...
Oh its nice not to be alone.