Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Hike

Since we haven't found a church home yet, and we were about to experience our first holiday shared between two families, we decided to spend our Easter morning in the desert as a family.

The air was cool as the sun tried to warm up the day. The birds were happy (including two roadrunners we saw looking for breakfast), and the blooms of spring made the smell fragrant and fresh.

The desert is so incredibly beautiful with those Saguaro cacti standing so proud! We were relaxing and enjoying a beautiful Resurrection Sunday.

Imagine our surprise when, about a mile into the canyon we ran into this sign.

Our family of four would probably make the perfect Easter dinner for a Mountain lion or two. Perhaps skipping church wasn't too wise?

Thankfully we did not run into a mountain lion! And we enjoyed visiting with our families this year and being a part of all the festivities.

La Vida Dulce!