Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yesterdays post was filled with a synopsis of the rest of my day at the beach last weekend. But after I spell checked and tried to post, the computer decided it didn't want to cooperate so my post was dumped, and then I had niether the time, nor the attitude, to repost.

The gist is this: I got some sun. We had fun.

Computers are invaluable and completely irritating to me!

Anyway, today is my day off and I wanted to take a minute to do something that has been on my to do list for several weeks now. My friend, and fellow blogger has given me permission to link her blog to mine. When y'all get a chance go over and give Blue Skies a Texas Howdy. In the future you will also find her link in the side bar.

Today is a perfect day to put on a fresh pot of coffee and get into the crafting room. It is drizzly and 65 degrees and it makes me want to do a lot of nothing... But that isn't going to happen, unless some magic cleaning ladies show up at the door and take over the upkeep of my home. So it's off to do some cleaning and "home-work" so that I can spend a bit of time playing in the craft room this afternoon!


Lisa said...

I feel your pain. I hate when that happens. Most of the time I just don't write anything :) after it has been zapped into outterspace somewhere.

Bec said...

See it is not just the dial up people that have trouble.