Monday, September 25, 2006

Nine Years

It was nine years ago at this time when I awoke to the realization that my water had broke and, ready or not, I was about to become a Mom.

My sweet boy is growin' up. Although his official birthday is today he received a gift that he never thought he would get for a birthday present on Friday night. His Grannie and Paw and the hubby and I went in on a combined gift of a PS2 gaming system and the excitement on that boys face when he opened it was really more of a gift for me.

Last month when he asked for it we had told him that that was a pretty pricey gift for a birthday and that we would have to think about it for Christmas. He was very sweet about it and said he would think of something else that he would ask for his birthday.

He couldn't believe it when he opened the gift. He still can't believe it...Waking up this morning he told me he had a dream that I had really just rented it and was going to take it back today!

I really don't have too much time for blogging this morning as everything in my life feels a little bit chaotic....Mostly because the next month is day after day of activities that grow more adventuresome than the next, ending with the wedding of my brother and his wife to be. After October 21st I will breathe a sigh of relief that will be heard across the country...of course since that is my birthday it may be a scream that says I can't believe I am 34 years old!

Speaking of weddings, the Hubby and I were talking about what it takes to make a marriage harmonious. He, of course had some very thoughtful and meaningful ideas on this subject and then he sat quietly thinking. After a pause he says, "Oh, and his and her closets are essential to peace in the marriage."

And, although he had a playful smile on his face, I am pretty sure he meant it.

At first I felt defensive, as if that was a slam on the way I kept my closet, but then I decided I couldn't have loved him more than right at that moment.

La Vida Dulce