Sunday, September 17, 2006

Christmas Thinkin'

Meet Olive and Archie...they are my latest crafting project. My First one was made with Grey felt for her hair and the hubby said she looked like a granny so I went out and bought some brown and black wool felt on Friday and whipped these two kids up over the weekend. I think they are so cute...if I don't say so myself.

They are also what my nieces are getting for Christmas this year. Although The Girl has already laid claim to these.

The picture below is also of O and A in a tote bag I made for a certain friend of mine who lives in a very northern and cold place ( I get cold just thinking about it). What she really needs is a very thick warm quilt made of buffalo hide for those crazy winters, but she will have to live with a handmade tote. Maybe there will be treat or two sent in the tote to get her through some cold days. Who knows? Anyway, today is her birthday. Happy Birthday M! Your package is going to be late!