Saturday, September 02, 2006

Little Lamb

Rather than sit in fear this week as we watched Ernesto approach our neighborhood I decided to be creative. I used my nervous energy to create this newest "stuffie". It helped me to take my mind off of trees falling on my house...Which has been added to my list of fears this year...Luckily the fear of tornados has gradually lost it spark...Although Mayo may not ever make it off the list...But I digress.

In case you wondered, she's a lamb. My kids both had different thoughts: somewhere between a dog and a rabbit.

Yes, she's a little rough around the edges but I think the more I make the better they will get. You all may be getting little lambs for Christmas. Actually, I am now working on a mouse that I hope to send to my niece, since my nick name for her is Mia Mouse.

So the blog has been a little blase these days. I don't even have bloggers block, but the time crunch has been hard on the old head. It's hard for me write well when I am constrained by time. Of course perhaps the creative juices are focused on wool felt and cotton right now, or homework, or meal planning, or guitar chords, or laundry, or, or, or, or,...Who knows.

Oh yeah, Happy September! When I went running this morning I had to take my light runners jacket because it was 61 degrees! The leaves are already starting to change! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

She does look exactly like a lamb--that has been shaved naked and then had its underside painted in glue and dipped in wild flowers! She is very cute! If I had a blog, the most creative thing I could show off right now would be my nice clean closet with only 2 boxes left in it! WHere do you find the time?!

Lara said...

AHHH gave me a good belly laugh with that comment!

KA on the otherhand!!!!It's been a week!!!! How many lambs are you making...a whole flock? POST