Monday, September 18, 2006

New Blog Design

Hey for all my blogger friends that are interested go check out

Y'all know how i am forever trying to find a blog template that most depicts who I am... and I have missed a few times. When Becky was here last week she was telling me she was so glad I was over the blue adn hot pink "Malibu Barbie" theme....which I loved but she said didn't really say "Kellie". The thing is that there aren't many "free" templates out there that say "coffee lovin', guitar playing, sometime crafting stay at home mom" in a way that's clean, warm and cozy. And until I came across this site I hadn't found any blog designers that were exactly affordable.

So, I am going to try to win her contest....but if I don't, I think I may be buying myself a little birthday gift in October!

Go check her out.


Bec said...

For 40 bucks I think I could get use to Malibu Barbie. Holee molee
that is a lot, but then again you are the blogging Queen.