Monday, December 19, 2005

You Know Your Old When....

...your son comes home from school a little disappointed with a toy that he received from the class "goodie box". It's a key chain with a small Rubik's Cube attached to it.

Actually, the "goodie" pick on Friday is a "blind" grab of sorts. It's part of the good behavior reward system. You manage to stay out of trouble all week and then you get to pick out of the goodie box, only there is a catch: you can't see what you pick. And what you pick is what you get.

This week he picked out a pink bracelet, and a girl in his class picked the key chain. They traded to save themselves the embarrassment of unfortunate picking.

The Boy was still not thrilled.

After school, when he gets in the car, he says with little energy "look what I got from the goodie box."

I say, with excitement "AH! A Rubik's Cube!!! Cool!"

And he looks at me with a look that is a cross between disbelief and wondering if he has all my DNA.

I say, "Those were very popular when I was a kid."

To which he answers, "What is it?"

"It's like a puzzle"

Then after he twists and turns it for awhile he says "Does it come apart?" (this is where I realize that, yes, the DNA is all there)

What I Say: "Yes, but that's kind of like cheating."
What I think: (Actually it's kind of hard to take them's much easier to take the stickers off and place them back in order.)

"So this was a game you played when you were a kid?"

"Yup. Everyone had a Rubik's Cube." I even had a Chuck E Cheese one.

"Wow. "


"Was this in the old days when all those TV shows were black and white?"



meh said...

Cute picture but for heavens sake get some socks on that boy. I am cold just looking at him.